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Fetish Union ilk-amsterdam

Fetish Union ilk-amsterdam

ilovekinky — Westerunie

Zaterdag 5 November 2022

Time: 21.00 - 05.00

ILOVEKINKY @ Westerunie

020- 68 48 496 (Westerunie)


In this 19th century heritage complex, we will transform the industrial Westerunie into a fetish experience.

We will do everything we can to create this tension in our unique dark industrial location. Dark fog with exciting lighting and visuals. Sexy uplifting solid uplifting techno music, provided by our DJ performers, who are familiar with the erotic / fetish scene.

Fetish shows were also thought of, without taking the flow out of the party, but even strengthening the entire experience.

If you are full of this experience, then you can go one step further, to the specially equipped playrooms and darkroom, to make your wildest fantasies come true.

After all the effort you can retire to the stylish lounge Area.

═══ DJ LINEUP ═════

★ MAIN AREA ★ Westerunie ★
★ Mr & Mrs Secret
★ Mike S aka Michael Seumeren
★ Emiel Roché
★ DJ Renji
★ Brasco
★ Djelani
★ and more....



══════ SHOWS ══════

★ Neraida DeadlySin
★ Lisa & crew
★ various erotic fetish acts
★ erotic gogo dancers
★ drag queens

═══ DRESSCODE ══════

★ Rubber ★leather ★ pvc ★ latex ★ lak ★ plastic ★ cross-dress ★ metal ★taping ★ fetish-glam ★ medical ★ fetish-goth, ★ body art ★ incognito masks ★
★ original uniform ★

★★ no street clothes
★★ no lingerie
★★ no wetlook
★The dress code is checked by our door bitches Anydee and Strangé where their decision is final.
★ Respect the dress code, no money back if the dress code is not complied with.
★No (telephone) cameras allowed,
( if use is observed, this means immediate seizure.)


Let op! - Bekijk ook altijd de website van de organisatie en/of club die dit feest faciliteert. Er kunnen tussentijdse wijzigingen zijn!  

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